Sissy Cumslut Training Completed

Miss Brat has been my mistress for years. She knows every fantasy of mine, and she’s the reason for which I acquired some kinks over time. I didn’t realize I was bisexual before she trained me as a sissy. But thanks to her work, I now am a black cock worshipper. I admitted my sexualsissy cuckold blowjob inferiority towards the black race, and now I only jerk off to interracial porn. Because I’m a sissy, I can’t convince my wife to fuck another man in front of me, even if that’s my biggest desire. But lucky for me, Miss Brat has the same passion for big black cocks. She gets to enjoy them every month when she hosts a party for herself with all her black friends. And always tells me stories about how well the black cocks are fucking her when she trains me into being a better sissy. I love hearing her stories when she pegs me with her big strap on or when she makes me eat her pussy until she squirts in my face. I just wish I could jerk off to all her stories, but I have to wear a chastity cage every time I enter her dungeon.

A couple of weeks ago, she told me that my sissy training is almost complete. I wore cock cages that got smaller in size over time, I was a good boy and took all her strap-on cocks in my ass, and I even completed the fisting class. Miss Brat told me that she had a gift for my graduation, and I honestly thought that she would unlock my chastity cage so that I could jerk off. But I never expected her to be so good to me.
The surprise was an invitation to her monthly BBC gangbang party. When I got in, she made me get naked and put on my sissy dressing and my cock cage right in front of all those guys. I’ve never felt more humiliated and excited at the same time. Especially when she made me put my cock in a chastity cage that was smaller than anything I had before. I struggled a bit because my cock kept swelling before the excitement. When I got it in, it was so tight that it started to turn purple.

Then I watched the four black masters whip out their cocks one by one. They all got around Miss Brat, and I have never seen her so submissive. Even she gave up her dominance in front of giant black monsters, which she promptly started sucking one by one.
She then got up and bent over the couch in the middle of the room. She told me to go beside her and said to me that my training would be complete soon. I was looking at her as one man put his cock inside her. Her face changed, her eyes rolled, and she started moaning. But I couldn’t believe what I felt next. One of the guys grabbed my ass cheeks, spat in between them, and then shoved his black cock inside my ass. Miss Brat was looking at me, trying to laugh as she was getting fucked, but all she could let out were moans. We were both getting railed side by side.

“I want you all to cum inside my little sissy boy!” – she said while still getting banged.
As soon as she said that, the first guy released his jizz inside me, and then the next one used that sperm as lube to fuck me even more. Miss Brat was done squirting all over the black cocks, and she was satisfied with watching me from the side while rubbing her clit. The second man came in my ass, and then I got my third cock. The fourth guy came in front of me on the other side of the couch. His cock went soft, but it was still two or three times bigger than mine. He made me suck on it and get it hard. I was getting spit-roasted by two black guys, and I was submitting to their might. They both came at the same time, one of them in my ass and the other deep down my throat. I couldn’t even feel the taste of sperm in my mouth. It went straight to my stomach. But then the guy who fucked me in the ass last made me clean up his dick with my tongue, so I eventually got to taste black cock jizz in the end. I thanked Miss Brat for this honor by worshiping her feet as the guys were ready to leave. She’s such a good master, and I’m happy to finally be trained as a proper sissy.


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